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Madeline Kelly

Bec Speakman

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DramaBased on true storyGayLGBTQTeenagersDeath

After Blake discovers that he is not a typical, invincible nineteen year old, he is given one opportunity to seize one of life’s most intimate experiences. Nineteen is a deeply moving story of the freedom that comes when faced imminent mortality. Directed by Madeline Kelly, the film stars James Fraser (The Water Diviner) and Benjamin Mathews (Dir. of EMILY) in highly compelling performances. As the story unfolds inside the walls of a motel room and the threatening nature of Blake’s mortality becomes more obvious, an unlikely relationship forms between these two men from different worlds. This relationship gently confronts the audience’s ideas of intimacy and the means to experience it. Madeline tenderly deals with the unjust constrictions put upon a young man’s life through social prejudice and provides a captivating insight into the resilient nature of a nineteen year-old who strives to claim one of life’s most important experiences. 11 mins. Australia.

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