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The QFN Event Audience Response Form 
Please print and hand out this audience response form at any future Queer Film Network events and screenings, and return responses to the QFN.

Available Audio Description Files
A document containing a list of films for which QFN members can access ready-made audio description files for a selection of LGBTQ films and the relevant contact details.

Screening Fees Advice
A document with advice about negotiating film screening fees.

Talk to the network

Queer Film Network has a closed Facebook group to allow QFN members to share information, ideas and plan events, tours, etc. Please contact QFN if you are not a member of the group and would like to be added.

Alternatively find a full list of the QFN Members and primary contact details here:
QFN Members 

Useful links

A free programme to create Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) from other video file types.