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You can join Queer Film Network here for just £30 per year and tap into a growing community and resources designed to support and develop your film events. Membership is renewable from 31st October each year. You can join at any point in the year for the fixed membership price. Once you have paid you will be directed to a membership form which you will need to fill out. Many thanks!

We are passionate about developing an accessible network, so once you are a member you will be eligible for a bursary for your travel and accommodation to the bi-annual meetings. Operated on a first-come, first-served basis, a total of up to £150 per membership is available. We will also supply refreshments, including a lunch at the meetings, where we will work together to develop touring programs and events.

What is your membership fee for?

Funds raised through membership will enable the network to remain independent and contribute towards the running of the network. Jobs such as coordinating bi-annual meetings; the upkeep of the website; developing the membership and opportunities for collaboration.